Lindy Oszillograph Software

With thanks to Jan Pedersen (¬† who made a d64 image of his software. Now i have to find out how to connect the unit to the userport, since they forgot to mark the connector with a “up” ūüôĀ


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Disknotchers and reset buttons

The collection of notchers and reset buttons.

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Commodore Music Maker

Nowadays it is hard to find these undamaged, decent boxes and even with the stickers not already put on the keyboards. They came in two versions, Cassette and Diskette. Got the diskette version yesterday. Both in very decent state!


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SSI Games

Expecting another 5 shipping from the US, and another one from the UK. Slowly starting with getting my hands on the full SSI C64 software boxes!

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Lightgun games

Thanks to the website of Jan Derogee

Need some updating, still looking for the stack lightrifle.

Name Platform Year In collection
Army Days C64   No
Baby Blues C64   No
Big Game Safari C64   No
Blaze Out C64   No
Cosmic Commando C64   No
Cosmic Storm C64   No
Crowshoot C64   No
Escape From Alcatraz C64   No
Gangster C64   No
Ghost Town C64   No
Glorious Twelth (Glorious12th/Grouse Shoot) C64   No
Goosebusters C64   No
Gunslinger C64   No
High Noon Shootout C64   No
Hit The Buttons C64   No
Hit The Buttons C64   No
Indian Attack C64   No
Lightgun Archery C64   No
Make My Day C64   No
Mike Gunner C64   No
Operation Thunderbolt C64   No
Operation Wolf C64   No
Rats And Cats C64   No
Shootin’ Putin C64 ¬† No
Shooting Gallery C64   No
Smack A Mole C64   No
Starbase Defence C64   No
Target Plus C64   No
Time Traveller C64   No
Vengeance Of Zeno C64   No

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Romik games

Yep, another collection. Hard to find a complete list of Romik game for the Commodore platform. Left out the Spectrum and BBC games.


Name Platform Year In collection
Aliard’s Tome C64 1983 No
Animal Magic C64 1983 No
Anter-Planter C64 1984 No
Atom Smasher VIC20 1983 No
Blaze C16 1985 No
Block Buster VIC20   No
Dicky’s Diamonds C64 1983 Yes
Fool’s Gold C64 1983 Yes
Galaxia VIC20 1983 No
Knightmare C64   No
Martian Raider VIC20 1982 No
Mind Twister VIC20 1982 No
Moons of Jupiter VIC20 1982 No
Multisound Synthesizer VIC20   No
Pottit C64 1983 Yes
Quadrant VIC20 1983 No
Sea Invasion VIC20 1982 No
Shark Attack VIC20   No
Shark Trap  VIC20 1982 No
Space Attack VIC20   No
Space Escort VIC20 1983 No
Space Fortress VIC20 1983 No
Stellar Triumph C64 1983 No
Titan’s C64 1984 No
Tombs of Xeiops C64 1983 No
Turtle Jump C64 1984 No
Weetabix versus the Titchies C64   No
Zappy Zooks C64 1983 Yes
Zorgon’s Kingdom VIC20 ¬† No

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Strategic Simulation Games (SSI)


Started collecting SSI games for the C64, incomplete overview and still a long way to go….

Name Year In collection Description
50 Mission Crush 1984 No A turn-based strategy game; simulates the career of the crew of a B-17 bomber during World War II
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of the Lance 1988 Yes A fantasy role-playing video game based on the Dungeons & Dragons Dragonlance campaign
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Hillsfar 1989 Yes A fantasy role-playing video game based on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
B-24 1987 Yes A World War II air warfare simulation game[1]
Baltic 1985: Corridor to Berlin 1984 No A strategy game of hypothetical WW III land combat in Eastern Germany
Battle for Normandy 1982 No A simulation of the famous World War II battle on D-Day[2]
Battle of Antietam 1985 No A strategy video game of the eponymous brutal American Civil War battle[3]
The Battle of the Bulge: Tigers in the Snow 1981 No A computer wargame simulating the Battle of the Bulge[4]
Battlecruiser 1987 No A tactical naval warfare strategy game of World War II Atlantic theater; a sequel to Warship[5]
Battles of Napoleon 1988 No A computer wargame of some of the battles of the historical leader
Broadsides 1983 No  
Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday 1990 No A science-fiction role-playing video game set in the TSR Buck Rogers XXVC game setting
Cartels and Cutthroat$ 1981 No A business simulation featuring finance, economics and supply and demand[8]
Champions of Krynn 1990 Yes A¬†fantasy¬†role-playing video game; the first in a three-part series of a¬†Dragonlance¬†Advanced Dungeons & Dragons¬†“Gold Box” series
Colonial Conquest 1985 No Conquest strategy video game of the colonization of the late 1800s and early 1900s[9]
Combat Leader 1983 No A modern tactical warfare game focusing on combat between tanks and mechanized infantry[10]
Computer Ambush 1980 No A World War II squad level simulation. First published in 1981 and later re-released in 1985.
Computer Baseball 1981 No A baseball simulation
Computer Quarterback 1981 No An American football simulation game.
The Cosmic Balance 1982 No A space combat simulator
Curse of the Azure Bonds 1989 Yes A fantasy role-playing video game; the second in a four-part series of Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons Gold Box series.
Death Knights of Krynn 1991 Yes A¬†role-playing video game; part of the¬†Dragonlance¬†Advanced Dungeons & Dragons¬†“Gold Box” series
Demon’s Winter 1988 No A¬†fantasy¬†role-playing video game, a sequel to¬†Shard of Spring
Dragons of Flame 1989 No A fantasy role-playing video game; a Dragonlance sequel to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of the Lance
DragonStrike 1990 No A¬†fantasy¬†role-playing video game; part of the¬†Dragonlance¬†Advanced Dungeons & Dragons¬†“Gold Box” series
Eagles 1983 No A air combat simulator of WW I air combat
The Eternal Dagger 1987 No A¬†fantasy¬†role-playing video game, the sequel to¬†Wizard’s Crown
Field of Fire 1984 No  
Fighter Command: The Battle of Britain 1983 No A turn-based-strategy game depicting the 1940 Battle of Britain[13]
First Over Germany 1989 No A tactical simulation of the bomber offensive against Germany during World War II
Gateway to the Savage Frontier 1991 No A role-playing video game; a Dungeons & Dragons Gold Box series game
Gemstone Healer 1986 No A fantasy action-adventure game
Gemstone Warrior 1984 No  
Geopolitique 1990 1983 No  
Germany 1985 1982 No A strategy game of hypothetical WW III land combat in Western Germany
Gettysburg: The Turning Point 1986 No A strategic wargame of the Battle of Gettysburg
Imperium Galactum 1984 No A This video game is a 4X turn-based strategic level space warfare game. Sequel to Cosmic Balance II
Kampfgruppe 1985 No A strategy video game of tank warfare of WWII[15]
Knights of The Desert 1983 No An operational level simulation of the campaigns in Egypt and Libya from 1941-43. The first computer wargame to feature stacked units and detailed logistics.
Mech Brigade 1985 No  
Medieval Lords: Soldier Kings of Europe 1991 No A medieval strategy simulator that covers 500 years of European history, starting in 1028 AD.
Nam 1986 No  
Norway 1985 1985 No A strategy game of hypothetical WW III land combat in Norway
Operation Market Garden 1985 No  
Overrun! 1989 No  
Panzer Grenadier 1985 No  
Panzer Strike 1987 No A strategy video game of tank warfare of WWII
Phantasie 1985 No A fantasy role-playing video game, the first in a series.
Phantasie II 1986 No A fantasy role-playing video game, a sequel to Phantasie, the second installment in the series.
Phantasie III: Wrath of Nikademus 1987 No A fantasy role-playing video game, the third installment in the Phantasie series
Pool of Radiance 1988 Yes A¬†fantasy¬†role-playing video game¬†based on the¬†Dungeons & Dragons¬†(D&D)¬†role-playing game; the first of the “Gold Box” D&D video games.
President Elect 1981 No A simulation of a presidential campaign from Labor Day to election night.
President Elect: 1988 Edition 1987 No A sequel to President Elect, a simulation of a presidential campaign from Labor Day to election night.
Questron 1984 No A fantasy role-playing video game
Questron II 1988 No A fantasy role-playing video game; sequel to Questron
RDF 1985 1983 Yes A strategy game of hypothetical WW III land combat in the Middle East
Realms of Darkness 1986 No A fantasy role-playing video game
Rebel Charge at Chickamauga 1985 No  
Rings of Zilfin 1986 No A fantasy role-playing video game.[19]
Roadwar 2000 1986 No A turn-based, post-apocalyptic strategy game
Roadwar Europa 1987 No A turn-based, post-apocalyptic strategy game. The sequel to the 1986 Roadwar 2000.
Secret of the Silver Blades 1990 Yes An Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing video game, part of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting
Shard of Spring 1986 No A fantasy role-playing video game
Shiloh: Grant’s Trial in The West 1985 No ¬†
Six-Gun Shootout 1985 No  
Sons of Liberty 1988 No A strategy video game simulating battles of the American Revolutionary War[21]
Storm Across Europe 1989 No A wargame of World War II in Europe on a grand strategic scale between 1939 and 1945
Typhoon of Steel 1988 No A strategy video game of tank warfare of WWII; a sequel to Panzer Strike
War of the Lance 1989 No A fantasy role-playing video game based in the Dungeons & Dragons Dragonlance campaign setting
Wargame Construction Set 1986 No A “construction set” application that let the user build¬†wargame¬†scenarios and play them
Warship 1986 No A tactical naval warfare strategy game of the World War II Pacific theater[24]
Wizard’s Crown 1985 No A¬†fantasy¬†role-playing video game
Dungeon Master Assistant Volume I   Yes  
Dungeon Masters Assistant Volume II 1989 No  

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Eprommers and other hardware

Some new hardware added to the collection:

  • Dolphin Dos with disk and manual.
  • Merlin PP64 Eprommer with software cartridge.
  • Freeze Frame cartridge and manual.
  • Magic Formel 1.2 cartridge and manual.
  • Dossier Aktief Commodore (Dutch).
  • Das Computerbuch fur Frauen ;), could simply not resist.
  • Gameworld (Dutch shop) price listing from looooong ago.
  • Rex Datentechnik Goliath Eprommer (Rex 9655).
  • Tiny Eprommer (manual included, not included on photo).
  • Dela Eprommer II.
  • Magic Formel 2.

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Ultimate64 Elite rev 1.4

I hardly used the previous Ultimate 64, but still use my Ultimate+ on a daily bases. Anyway, userport adapater and speaker included.

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And all the rest….

Another working 1541 drive in decent state, except for that box. Never seen this box, so added to the drive collection ūüôā

Input 64 magazine, boxes complete with booklet and datasette

SSI games added to the collection, RDF 1985, B-24 and Hillsfar. Furthermore Frankenstein, Cartridge Robocop 2 and Defender of the Crown added!

CBS electronics lightpen (PixStik), Cardpro numeric keypad, 3001 Sound Odysey and kawasaki Rhythm Rocker (Sight & Sound):

Scanntronik Pagescanner and Pagefox

Zap!64 Calendar and Annual 2020 and Microcomputer Fault-Finding and Design

Lindy Oszilloscope

Still trying to find the software for this one. One was sold on ebay, without software. Another one is in posession of a collectior from Denmark, he has the disk but it contains errors. Asked around on serveral forums with no success, none of the interne archives got the disk. Extremely hard to  find!

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